“Trump Gears Up : Megadonors and Fundraising Blitz”

"Trump Gears Up : Megadonors and Fundraising Blitz"

Trump Gears Up! Today, let’s talk about a grown-up stuff happening with a person named Donald Trump. He used to be the boss of a big place called the United States, and now he’s doing some interesting things. Let’s dive in!

“Donald Trump’s Big Plans”

Guess what? Donald Trump, who used to be the leader of the country, wants to do it again! But to do that, he needs something special called money. Money helps people in big elections.

"Trump Gears Up : Megadonors and Fundraising Blitz"

Trump Gears Up : What’s a Megadonor?”

Now, let’s talk about some friends Donald is talking to. These friends are like magical helpers because they give a lot of money to help him. We call them “megadonors.” Imagine them like superhero sidekicks, but with money!

Trump Gears Up : Fun Times at Mar-a-Lago”

Donald Trump has a special club called Mar-a-Lago. It’s like a big house where he talks to his friends. He invites these megadonors there for meals and fun chats. They might even ride in cool cars together!

Trump Gears Up : Meet Some Friends”

Let me tell you about a few friends. There’s Steve Wynn, who has something to do with cool places called casinos. He spent time with Donald after a big voting day. Imagine it like having ice cream with a friend after doing something important!

Then, there’s Robert Bigelow. He likes things that fly high in the sky, like airplanes. He and another friend named Don Ahern rode with Donald in his special car to a place called Nevada. That sounds like a fun adventure, right?

“Dinner Time in Florida”

Now, guess what’s happening soon? Donald is having dinner with more friends in a sunny place called Florida. They will talk about important things and, maybe, give money to help him in his big plans.

“What’s the Money For?”

Money helps in big elections. It’s like when you want to buy toys or games – you need money! In elections, money helps people share their ideas with lots of other grown-ups.

“Fun Fact: Florida’s Palm Beach”

Florida is like a big playground for grown-ups. Palm Beach is a sunny part of Florida where they have nice homes. Donald and his friends will have a special dinner there.

“Getting Ready for a Big Race”

Imagine Donald is in a race. But instead of running, he’s talking to lots of people and sharing his ideas. Megadonors are like cheerleaders, helping him get ready for the race.


So, my little pals, that’s what’s happening with Donald Trump and his friends. They’re getting ready for something big, and megadonors are helping by giving money. It’s like teamwork for grown-ups. Stay curious, and maybe one day, you’ll do big things too!